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Wikipedia:Plutocracy is rule by the wealthy, or power provided by wealth.”
This is the form of rule in the world today. This is not a good thing,
it only creates more poverty, and will continue to do so.


Okay, I have a few questions:
* What would happen if all the countries of the world decided to mind their own damned business and bring their military people home?

* What would be the result if corporate owners and high paid managers decided to retire and let other people take over and run the corporations?

* What if the richest of the rich decided to relax and enjoy their wealth while the rest of us went to work and earned some wealth of our own?

* What if the banksters of the world also retired and left the banks to do what banks used to do — pay interest on savings, make loans to people who can actually pay them off, and store wealth for all people not just the elite?



Where does America stand today???

Do “We the People” stand for liberty and moral values???

Or are we going to let the Globalists take our guns,
take away our freedom of speech, and drive us
into crowded spaces to live as slaves???

* * *


Now this is a good Quote, made more than 450 years ago,
by Martin Luther — 1483-1546.

“I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth.”



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  1. If you agree or disagree with the statements and opinions on this site please leave us a note to tell us what you think.
    Thank you,
    Sonshine Penguin staff

  2. Flinux Wilson said:

    I agree. And at the same time do not understand why the people in the system see the problems yet think pounding more of the same thing that ruined it will fix it. Isn’t that kind of like getting a nail in your tire, tire goes flat so you pound more nails in thinking it will fix the tire.

    • Yeah, really, man, that is an apt description! What, are they going to try and rebuild the tire with nails and hope that it will function better???

      I think they do think they are doing the right thing. And I think they are also too well insulated from the problem.
      1. They have too much money to understand the dilemma we are living with every day!
      2. They are lawyers, so they have no concept of work or any idea what difficulty is except when their diatribes don’t garner results that make them more money!!
      3. They also are using the same minds that created the problems in the first place so there is really no logical way they can solve the problem* — that is, until they change the minds that created the problem!!!

      * Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created the problem.” (paraphrase)

    • Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (paraphrase)

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