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Survival Page


Surviving in Amerika!!!

Here is where I intend to keep a running update on the needs and plans for surviving in Amerika, the once beautiful and proud nation, one time land of the free and home of the brave…

When you watch the mainstream media you can sort of get a feel that this nation is heading for Socialism. If you get your news from less reputable (more reliable) sources such as the Internet, then you know that this nation has seen its best days and will be part of the New World Order in a few short years. This will be a very bad thing for all involved except the Power Elite who own the banks and most of the gold, silver, and other valuables on Earth. They will have all the “stuff”, the best food, all the gas, mansions, and plenty of amenities while the rest of us live like the pioneers did in the early days in the wilderness of America.

Below is a partial list of items to have on-hand. (For hunters and other folk who can live outdoors without a camper, this is just a review.) For the city folk and younger people who do not have hunting and survival training this page may be valuable.

Go to Carhartt, Cabela, LL Bean, The Survival Store , Infowars Store, Survival-Gear, for all types of survival equipment, food storage, and ideas. Food storage sites include Preparewise Food Storage, Top 10 Food Storage Choices, search for “survival gear”, “food storage”, “emergency kits” online for more sites.

  1. First Aid & Emergency Kits — Basic First Aid kit that can be carried in a backpack, as well as an emergency medical kit with compresses, large bandages, simple suture tools and thread, and more.
  2. Clothing and survival gear — clothing made of tough materials for long lasting wear,  foul- and cold-weather clothing and protective gear.
  3. Tent — large enough to protect gear, food, and sleep more than one person.
  4. Axe, hatchet, and machete — for splitting firewood, clearing brush, and tall grasses and more…
  5. Rope, of various sizes — to tie things with, for climbing, towing, hanging meat out of reach of bears.
  6. Hunting equipment — bows and arrows, rifles, shotguns, and handguns for all types of game, as well as protection should the need arise…
  7. Knives — hunting, butchering, cooking, whittling and carving, etc.
  8. Cooking equipment — for all kinds of cooking needs.
  9. Water purification kit — for drinking water in polluted areas.
  10. Water distillation kit — hand powered for field use, for medical equipment, etc.
  11. Hand tools of all kinds — building, repair, etc, you name there is a tool for it.
  12. Solar powered battery charger — for all types of batteries.
  13. Portable Toilets & Showers — These can be essential in northern climates during cold weather.
  14. ~ more to come ~

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