To shine more Light into a darkening world.



“When one is self-righteous one can justify any atrocity one might commit;
But not the atrocities of others.”


“I believe that if all wars had to be fought in
hand to hand combat with swords and spears,
by the people who actually have the disputes,
not just the soldiers who are sent by the ‘leaders’,
then people would be somewhat reluctant to start wars.”

Licensing software is like chaining a dog, the chain restricts its freedom.
It also makes it so the user cannot play freely with his or her friends who like the dog too.




“Please, don’t take breathing for granted,
your lungs are not made of iron!
They are flesh and blood and very delicate.
Air pollution is bad enough, so don’t smoke,
smoking is more direct and far more deadly.
It may not kill you today or even tomorrow,
but it will kill you eventually, and very, very slowly!”


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