To shine more Light into a darkening world.

Changing World


The world is a-changing, my Brother.

I drive by the maples who sit idle.

I drive by farms, no cows, also idle.

Barns so empty they only stare.

Fields grow wild, brush and briar.

Forests overgrown, no one to care.

Houses empty, in need of repair.

Houses without porches, only stare.

Porches stare back without chairs.

Porches without people, only chairs.

No kids on the streets with bicycles.

Kids on beaches and texting friends.


This old world’s a-changing, Brother.

Saw a fox one night crossing the road.

Eyes bright, darted for cover of wood.

Humans and animals breathe same air.

Life goes on without a hitch, or a care.

Humans build up, they rip and tear.

Wildlife lives free, to roam and share.

People grab and grovel, in nightmare.

Forests in peace, beauty everywhere.

Hustle the bustle in a city, re-cycles.

Media blitz, communicating to no ends.


Our world is a-changing, dear Brother.

Suspending our Republic, for Democracy.

Democratic Society for Fascist Oligarchy.

Drums beat out a rhythm, it’s in the air.

A new way of living is coming, be aware.

Time slips by, Love dies, no more care.

Truth trampled out, lies are everywhere.

Life once cherished, is worthless to bear.

Live it up now, show off with some flare.

Look at me, hey, look at my selfie cycles.

Gimme, gimme, gimme, all that trends.


Sadly it’s a changing world, my Brother.

Remember the smells on the breeze.

The sounds in the forest and trees.

The birds singing in the open air.

Bumble bee in a flower, what a pair.

Quiet walk in the wood, see a bear.

The doe and her fawn, silent stare.

A buck so illusive, rarely there.

Nothing in Creation to compare.

God’s grace through all the cycles.

Time is an illusion that never ends.


We see our world a-changing, Brother.

We want to keep what we’ve lost.

Don’t really want to count the cost.

There is a new day coming to bear.

We need to have courage to dare.

To love our neighbours, and share.

Mending our ways, fences repair.

Grow our own food, and our beer.

Build relationships without fear.

Carry on throughout these cycles.

Cultivate gardens with our friends.


This old world is a-changing, my Brother.

Soon to be One coming in the clouds.

Judgement, dividing of flesh, the crowds.

All the Saints drawn from near and far.

The four winds clear smoke from the air.

Seas give up the dead, give up despair.

Bones from the earth, damage repair.

Tree of Life for those in His care.

Rivers of Living Water and to spare.

Eternity with joy in musical cycles.

Never parting family and friends!



Comments on: "Changing World" (1)

  1. Love is real,
    Not fade away,
    Not fade away. . . .
    Love’s a real,
    Not fade away!

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