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Greedy Liars

I have long known that we are always being lied to by people who are supposed to be our leaders and who are trained liars from Law Schools all over this once-great nation. They are so well practiced at lying that the mainstream media doesn’t even bother to ask if they are telling the truth.

We as a nation have been lulled into letting the powers-that-be do the job of governing and we just go to work, come home and eat supper, watch TV, have a beer or a cup of tea, go to sleep and get up in the morning, we drink our coffee and go off again to the job we think will pay our bills and hope that someday we will begin saving for retirement, once we get that crucial pay raise that will put our income over the top of our expenses…except that many of us have bought into the lie that it is okay to live on borrowed money using credit cards for everything. Our parents and grandparents only borrowed to buy a house, a car, and college for their kids. The government, Hollywood, advertisers, and the media keep feeding us the “plastic” dream that we can have a life of ease without hard work…

But now I am learning just how badly these lawyers have been running the government, and the economy which is none of their damned business. It is like a church, the pastor is the shepherd, his sole duty is to guide the flock, nothing more nothing less! The Federal government was originally meant to be a guiding beacon and an advisory body for the States. But our government is trying to micro-manage our very lives and they are doing a really bad job of it. And they are too bloody proud to admit failure, and try a different approach. And they are trying to run this whole shooting gallery with borrowed funds.

They spend way too much, and in the process have created addicts who now rely totally on welfare checks, subsidies, hand-outs, and loop-holes, so that the government cannot make the kinds of deep cuts they must to relieve the pressure before the whole place blows sky high. There are way too many dependents who rely on government checks so that this house of cards can only fall down and it is a shame that they think they are too-big-to-fail, are so bloody smart and think they can carry on with business-as-usual.

There is plenty of money in the United States of America to keep everyone comfortable for life, but the greedy hoarders are keeping it for themselves. Our nation is being stolen from us and we have to fight to take it back.

One really sad side effect of the lies of the government and the mainstream media is that anyone who speaks against the ‘sacred’ establishment is branded as a lunatic, a terrorist, a racist, and/or a traitor. Now, if I start an email campaign circulating around the nation it will eventually die out and be deleted like all the other emails that warn us of the dangers of apathy and the dire consequences of letting the crooks continue their thievery.

For most of my life I gave the news a miss and did not bother to really pay attention, after all, I was having fun. I had beer, sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, what else did I have to worry about, I was a 4-F, so the draft, even if re-instated, was not my worry. I was having so much fun that I forgot to go to college, forgot to get a career, forgot to get married and raise kids, forgot to go to church and serve the Lord, I forgot to be aware of the world around me that was further away than the beer store, the dope dealer, the next rock concert…

Now I am waking up to the consequences of letting our government be run by people who have empowered themselves beyond reason, a government that is totally out of control, and worst of all a government that thinks it is okay to micro-manage an entire society of three hundred million people. I am waking up from a long coma to find that my freedoms are almost all gone, and I can’t do anything about it, by myself that is, but we as a people of three hundred million do outnumber the thieving bastards by about a thousand to one.

There must be something we can do collectively!

It is time to dump these lying thieves into the Potomac and let them float out to sea. It is time for us to rear our ugly heads and take back America before it is stolen from us by greedy bankers and politicians who only care about their own wealth and the power they can grasp!!!!


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  1. Hey, if you agree, or not, leave a comment please. I would like to know where Americans stand today. So let me know what you think about the dilemma we find ourselves in here in the greatest nation on Earth!!!

  2. AGREE! No question about it….
    But the question is: “What do we do about it and how do we get started doing it?”
    My over simplified observation is this. If we assign 2 categories of voters (even though there are more) to 2 extremes, those who are aware voters and those who are not. (Remember, I know there are varying degrees of awareness, this is just for the argument being presented. Please be kind.)
    With the 2 groups as assumed, let the first group (the knowing ones) present a completely unbiased presentation to the rest of the voting masses: Let us all agree to voted as a block which will insure a clean sweep of the rascals in office. To wit: Let us all vote against the incumbent politician! Some good ones will suffer, But since more are NOT good, the scale will be in our favor. If this rule were followed by a large enough group in a number of elections, I think those remaining will take notice and pay attention to their job as representatives of our needs and not their own. At some point, the recall process will be needed to support what can’t be done in the manner. I think this will open doors which are presently being locked or literally slammed in our face.

    Please let me know what you think. This is crude and simple, but I think has the ability to work given enough support. Is it realistic or practical in your mind?

    • I agree with your assessment of the issue at hand. We definitely have a real problem.

      I belong to “Freedom Connector” where we are trying to find the right candidates and vote them into office to push out the dirt bags.

      Yes, it is a big problem, but we outnumber the ruling body by almost 1000 to 1. There are 2 million federal employees, but I doubt they will all rise up to defend the real culprits if we assemble en masse to oust the rotten apples from the barrel.

      Steve C.

      Here is a group I started on called Christians for Freedom:

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