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Picture This

Picture this;

We all float up through the clouds and meet the Lord in the air. Then He deals with the earth while we His sheep talk among themselves and meet long lost relatives and friends who went on ahead while we gather in the waiting room.

After the fracas on earth is over He will gather His chosen in the Great Hall just before the Feast and hand out crowns. We will all bow, thank Him most humbly and sing a hymn, then one by one we will walk up and lay the crown gently at His feet.

Then after the meal we will all wander out to the veranda for some tea and sweet cakes, and then we will all gather together and sing “Bind Us Together” and have a huge group thank you for all that the Lord and His Body have done for its members over the centuries.

Then we will stay up as late as we want and talk about how much we missed each other in the hubbub on earth among all the noise and distractions. We will laugh and never a tear shall pass our eyelids again for all eternity.

Thank you, Jesus for making us whole!

A short Thank you sermon, from the Preacher’s son

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