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The Sheople are Asleep

They’ve pulled the wool over their eyes to keep out the light,
they sleep soundly, unaware of things going bump in the night,
as their ships come in and run aground and sit rotting on the shore,
because it seems that comfort is more important to all, rich or poor.

They’ve slept through the looting and slept through the bubbles,
allowing bankers to rule our great land through all its troubles,
the sheople are asleep, lulled by politicians to give up vigilance,
when we all should have given more attention to due diligence.

They’ve been told to let the government handle everything,
because it said it would be okay for sheople to do nothing,
sleeping soundly while the enemy within unlocked the door,
to invite the elitists to steal our homes and make us poor.

We’ve lost our freedom and lost our choice of the majority rule,
we’ve been had, we’ve been lied to, cheated, and made the fool,
while the politicians were bought by the richest one percent,
who said not to worry, they’d feed the ninety-nine percent.

We’ve got little time left to change this corrupt and evil trend,
before it’s too late to save our once great nation from its end,
we’ve only got a little time, we outnumber the thieving bastards,
it’s time to take back America, to once again be our own masters.

The sheople are asleep, it’s time to wake up, it’s time to fight,
it’s time to wake ourselves, to make our enemy take flight,
the looters are stealing our cash and buying up all the gold,
they intend to steal everything and leave us out in the cold!

Nomad – 2012/01/21


Comments on: "The Sheople are Asleep" (1)

  1. More than three years have passed and the enemy at the gate is bending the bars, all too soon he will be inside and we will be on the run!!!! (2015/09/15)

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