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Where does the time go?

   Maybe it goes round in a spiral and we are so busy with the demands of life that we don’t even see it coming round again, just over there where the edge of your vision ripples slightly and birds flutter by just out of sight. We don’t notice it in the songs of time passing, because, here again, we are too caught up in the daily grind to see where the dust settles, and the motes roll off into the corners. It is just there if you look close, sometimes it is in the picture on the mantel, or the music on the record playing that takes us back, other times it is the smell of a memory of days gone by when Grandmother made a batch of cookies, and you rocked gently in a chair by the window watching a flutterby in the flowerbed.

   We can see it in our daydreams that we were taught to ignore because they would distract us from the reality of life, and growing up and all that, but in essence the daydreams are the ones where reality shows itself as it is actually time spiraling round us in a dance of infinite possibilities where our dreams come true and beauty is the colour of life lived to its fullest without getting bogged down and ground to dust in the hustle and bustle of self-imposed drudgery. When we truly and honestly let go and let God, He shows us the life we could have if only we would let go of the old mores that say we have to work ourselves to death for our loved ones, where we were taught we would have no time to daydream, where there is no joy in the work and none of the dust of time passing has a chance to settle while we can see it. We don’t give time and tide a chance to reveal themselves to us because we are too busy trying too hard to be ‘responsible’ and ‘busy’ and ‘grown up’ and ‘important’ and other stuff that causes our nausea and headaches.

   All that we have to really do is let the Father, His Son, and their Holy Spirit rule in our lives and do what they instruct us to do and we will see the beauty in the world They created for us to enjoy. Then we will be able to support our family, give them our love, guide them in their growth, learn from our mistakes, and just enjoy life, without all the pain of excess. Then, maybe, if we look real close once in a while we will catch a glimpse the spiral dance that goes round us just over there in the edge of our sight, maybe we’ll get a better view of it in the midst of a good old fashioned sit-down-relax-enjoy the daydream moment…

   We would not have daydreams if God did not want us to actually have them. All of creation is useful in some way or another, none of it was created by anyone, but God. The enemy cannot create, we can misuse what we find, but it is all from God in His infinite understanding of the needs we have and the tools we’ll need to accomplish what He put us here for. So we need to daydream once in a while and stop being so stuffy and grown up. Besides, being ‘grown up’ is a misuse of the resources God gave us in the first place.

   “Lest ye be as little children, ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Love eternally,

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